Maple Glazed Bacon Candle

  • $10.00

A sweet maple scent, accented slightly with spices.  One of my most popular scents!

Bacon.  It’s the staple of breakfast, arguably the best cut of pork, and goes with just about everything!  So what does it take to bring bacon to the grocery store affordably for everyone to enjoy?  Providing safe, wholesome food is the most important responsibility of a pig farmer. Raising pigs indoors and more closely monitoring animal health has greatly improved today’s pork safety and quality. Most barns are equipped with ventilation systems monitoring the air quality and temperature, along with curtains that are automatically raised or lowered to let in fresh air and natural light. According to hog farmers today are using 78% less land, 41% less water and leaving a 35% smaller carbon footprint than they were 50 years ago. Raising hogs is great for the economy as well; 55,000 hog farms provide more than 800,000 jobs nationwide. For pig farmers, ensuring the well-being of animals is about more than taking care of business, it’s about a respect for their livestock, a desire to contribute to feeding the world and a future for their children.

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