About Us

Farmer. Wife. Mom. Daughter. Sister. Friend.

Welcome to the Farm Sweet Farm Candles re-brand!  I started FSF in 2018 with a goal of starting my own small business from home while working full time and farming with my husband.  You all have blown me away with the support and in 2021, it's time to re-brand and expand!

The re-brand is so very special to me for several reasons.  I'm a very forward motion moving person, I have very little patience for sitting still or waiting for someone else to finish a project (just ask my husband) and my mind is always working to come up with new creative ways to incorporate my love for agriculture into the business.  After about the 1,000th time hearing "headed to the Farm Store, you need anything", it clicked, this is the next phase.  

This winter I took a huge leap and tore out the entire windbreak and tree line to the North of our acreage.  This spring, we will be planting our first 300 fir trees, along with our first peach, apple, cherry and pear trees and putting in a much larger pumpkin patch!  Thanks to another local tree farmer who is retiring, Loren Kruse, I will begin selling "pre-cut" trees at his farm in winter 2021 and by fall 2023, my next goal is to have my very own Farm Store sitting right next to my very own Christmas Tree Farm.  The Farm Store will carry products made by Iowa small businesses, ladies hustling just like I am, and several farm products like local dairies, honey, meat and much more!  I cannot wait for this next step and am so appreciative of your support.

The new logo took me months to be happy with because I wanted it to be meaningful and encompass the beautiful farmhouse candles along with our other products.  If you look closely, the wreath hanging on the barn has 3 large peony flowers.  The number 3 has a special place in my heart representing my sisters {forever 3} as well as my 3 children.  I hope you love the logo as much as I do.

Please continue to check back to the "Our Farm" tab for pictures as we put the trees in, as they progress and when we will have fruits & trees available to add to the farm!

My name is Shari and I am a 4th Generation Iowa farmer with three beautiful children and a hard working husband.  I grew up in Southwest Iowa on a Century hog and crop farm, met my husband at Iowa State, and moved to his hometown, Dike, Iowa to start the rest of our lives.  We currently raise hogs, crop farm, Christmas tree and fruit tree farm, and both work off the farm jobs to support our dreams.

The Farm Store began with a love of agriculture and a passion for starting my own business.  Each candle is crafted by me, in my home, with products researched and tried by myself and my family.  My candles celebrate American agriculture and the farmers who provide us with so many choices. 

I begin with a soy based wax, made with soybean oil produced by American farmers.  The scents I use are based on agricultural products and the wonderful people who grow them.  I chose to use a wooden wick not only for the wonderful crackling ambiance it provides customers, but also because of the renewable resources the company utilizes and their commitment to giving back to the community.  I also offer a cotton wick, which is less maintenance than the wooden wick option, but burns beautifully.

The jars can be re-used or re-purposed long after the scent has burned out.  I will also re-fill containers at a fraction of the cost! Each unique scent's label offers customers fact based information about farming and the commodity relevant to that scent.  I hope that my customers will learn something new about agriculture, engage with local farmers and enjoy a beautifully packaged and scented candle.

I also donate a portion of the proceeds from my candles to an agricultural youth organization each year.  As more generations are removed from on-farm experiences, I hope to educate and encourage kids to remain involved in agriculture, whether it is on the farm or through another industry.

The Farm Store celebrate all types of agriculture and as the seasons change, we will continue to add new scents centered around all of the wonderful food our farmers produce across the country.

I truly believe that no matter which food avenue you choose to purchase from and how you wish to have your food raised are choices uniquely made by each of us.  I support all types of agriculture and strive to educate my customers about the way our food is made with facts, not fear.  While our farm is a traditional Iowa Farm and we raise hogs, corn and soybeans, I also garden for my family and work daily with producers who grow with different methods.  We celebrate American agriculture because we are blessed to have so many different methods to choose from and we have farmers to thank for that!