The Tree Farm

Hello everyone!  In 2021 I planted my first crop of fir and fruit trees at the farm!  Luckily, technology in agriculture is a beautiful thing and I am able to purchase trees that have been grown in greenhouses for a couple of years already, setting me ahead of the typical 5-6 year wait for trees to be ready to become Christmas trees!  

I've ordered primarily fir trees (canaan, balsam & fraser) to plant the first couple of years as I get trees established because they adjust best to Iowa soils and rain levels.  As I get more established I will plant a few spruce trees as well because I love a little variety!  We also put in 2 apple trees, 2 pear trees, 1 peach and 1 cherry tree.  We purchased bare root trees because of their advanced growth stage and ability to possibly even produce fruit the first year they are planted into my soil!  My kids are especially excited about helping pick fruit and for the first years, we will primarily sell fruit by the basket, rather than doing you-pick immediately.  Who knows, maybe we will love it and have even more fruit next year!  The kids are also putting in a larger pumpkin patch than we normally do and plan to expand their growth as well.  Love that they want to be a part of it with me!

I plan to have a small crop of trees ready to sell at the farm in 2023 for the Christmas season and in the meantime, longtime grower Loren Kruse has agreed to let me come sell pre-cut trees, candles and other products at his farm as he nears retirement.  Be looking for more information about those trees in the coming months!

Continue to check this page for updates on the tree farm as I get more and more excited and close to getting them in the ground when Iowa decides it's spring!

The tree line before demo (short clip)

The demo process (short clip)

After the demo and our new beautiful view! (below)