How We Give Back

All of my products are made with ingredients researched and hand chosen by myself based on their quality, the company's reputation and their environmental and ascetic impact.

Each customer who returns one of my containers in un-damaged condition will receive a refill on 16 ounce containers for $5, and larger containers for $10.  

I also donate a portion of the proceeds from each candle to an agricultural youth program of my choosing.  My hope is that, as kids grow up more removed from day-to-day farm life, my candles will help educate and encourage youth to remain involved in the industry that has given so much back to my family and I.

I love to do fundraisers - whether it is apparel or candles, please let me know and we will work together to meet your goal.

My candles are made with a soy based wax, made with soybeans, grown by America's farmers.  They are not 100% soy wax due to the higher quality and longer burn time associated with a soy mix wax, however, by using the soy base I am able to support farmers as well as provide the highest quality product for my customers.

Each of my candle scents is wrapped with a label.  Each label and scent is associated with an agricultural commodity and the amazing people who raise so many products for us to enjoy.  From Christmas Tree farms, traditional corn and soybean farms and cotton farmers, each label contains fact based information about the farmers who raise that product.  My hope is to share my love and awe of American farmers and their ability to grow and raise thousands of products, in so many different environmental conditions.