Grandpa's Farm Candle

  • $10.00

Fresh roasted coffee, creamy caramel and chocolate create a yummy blend.  Smells like a delicious snickers coffee. 

 He snuck you candy bars  and taught you to drive your first tractor.  He loved his wife, valued his farm and praised God for everything. Two hundred years ago, 90% of the U.S. population grew their own food. Today, only 2% of the population grows food for not only the US, but the entire world. Through technology, each farmer is able to feed 155 people compared to 1940, when one farmer could feed 19 people. Using equipment, housing for animals and biotechnology, a large impact has been made on the way we are able to grow food.  For a farmer to be successful the top priorities are always healthy, safe, productive livestock and hardy, bountiful crops full of nutrients.

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