American Cowboy - Genuine smell of leather mixed with sweet vanilla.

American Cowgirl - Genuine smell of leather mixed with strawberry.

American Farmer - cologne type scent with hints of cedar + leather

Apple Orchard - A clean, crisp apple scent mixed with notes of warm, rich walnuts.

Barn Quilts - Warm baked cinnabon

Bonfires & Smores - The delicious authenticity of fresh, warm chocolate.

Bucket of Cookies - Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Buddy Seat - A rich, buttery coffee cake scent with fragrant spices. Buttery top notes with nuances cinnamon, nutty powder and vanilla notes at the base.

Cactus Blossom - The beauty of cactus flower captured in a blend of bergamot, fresh white flowers, green cactus stems, sunkissed coconut and soft woods.

Candy Corn - Warm vanilla + cream

Century Farm - Cedar wood, spicy accents, rich leather with sandalwood, amber and soft mosses.

Champagne Toast - Mixed Berries + Sparkling Vanilla

Christmas Tree Farm - Fresh cut scotch pine tree with amazing cranberry freshness.

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl - Another BBW dupe - buttery tones blend with crushed almond and creamed caramel + ground cinnamon warms a bakery accord.

Coconut Bourbon - Warm bourbon tones with a light topnote of coconut to bring the scent out.  This one is a favorite in my office!

Coconut Wedding Cake - white cake blended with fresh coconut for a light, yet warm, scent

Country Church - A delicious blend of blueberry & pastry makes you feel like its coffee time after church services.

Cranberry Marsh - Cranberries sweetened and baked with a fresh crust.

Cranberry Spice - Fresh cranberry dances with a delicious mix of citrus and spice.  Delicious deep jam-type cranberry scent with holiday spices creates a deep & cheerful scent.

Creme Brulee - Caramelized sugar and with rich, creamy notes makes this a must have for those cold winter months!

Farm Mom - Fruity, Moscato blend, filled with notes of peaches, pineapple and apple with sugary vanilla.

Farmers Market -  A citrusy, floral and fruity type with notes of powdery raspberry, mint and sugary vanilla.

Friday Night Lights - Top notes of cinnamon powder with mid notes of clove buds and sugared vanilla.

Flannel - Woodsy patchouli & sandalwood with a hint of sweetness

Grandma’s Kitchen - Grandma’s pecan pie, sweetened with caramelized sugar and baked fresh for you.

Grandpa’s Farm - Fresh roasted coffee, creamy caramel and chocolate. Smells like a delicious snickers coffee

Gravel Travel - Woody Sage + Soft Amber ( Jo Malone type dupe)

Grit & Grace - cashmere

Harvest Time - Sugary, buttery & fruity sweet molasses with cinnamon, clove & nutmeg type of spicy middle note.

Harvest Moon - Rich buttery tones, sweet apple, mid-notes of spiced cinnamon and pumpkin.  A hint of vanilla sugar.

Just One More - Apple + Maple + Bourbon creates a warm, fall inspired delicious scent.  Less spiced that Harvest Time, more maple than Harvest Moon, this is the in-between of the two and was a best seller fall 2020.

Maple Glazed Bacon - A sweet maple scent, accented slightly with spices.

Marshmallow Fireside - A BBW dupe, this is the perfect blend of marshmallow sweetness + smokey fireside, customers say it smells exactly like the BBW candle!

Milking Parlor - Delicious creamy butterscotch - think caramel cheesecake with this one.  Definitely one of my favorites!

Mrs Claus - Woodsy Musk + Soft Mint 

Mulled Cider - rich cinnamon + cloves + apple undertones 

Peppermint Patty - Peppermint & chocolate combine for the most delicious assault on your senses.

Pray for Rain - Fresh dew drops and sunny citrus tones add sparkle to this green blend. Sweet clover blends with botanical leafy notes as they lead to a sweet base of clear musk.

Snowflake - Crisp and clean earthy notes with the coolness of mint make this a great alternative to traditional baked good scents for the holidays.

Southern Snow - Fresh linen - if you love fresh laundry on the clothesline, this one is for you!  In fact, my kids ask why I smell like the laundry room after I make these candles!

Spiced Apple Pie - Cinnamon + Cloves + Warm Apple

State Fair Lemonade - Freshly squeezed lemons and creamy vanilla scent, with a dash of sweet sugar.

Stockman's Inn - lime margarita

Sugarcane Cookie - A delicious blend of creamy vanilla bean, nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar finished off with base notes of butter baked cookie accord.

Sunkissed - Orange Sherbert type scent - this one combines sweet orange with creamy sugar and makes an absolutely perfect spring & summer type scent.

Sweater Weather - A BBW dupe, this one is very popular at shows!  Velvety pine + winter berries.

The Showbarn - Sparkle show day shine spray in a candle version!  Delicious blend of cucumber melon with some sparkle quality!

Til The Cows Come Home - a freshly cut field of hay with a floral background.

Tobacco Cedar - Tobacco leaf + cedar.

Vanilla Chai - Sweet blend of spiced chai tea with soft, creamy vanilla base