Remember Your Why

The past few weeks, as a parent of young kids and an educator who works inside several different schools, I've struggled to make sense of the many recent tragedies in Iowa surrounding children and families.  The quote "remember your why" continues to roll through my head as a reminder that despite the fear, we all continue to support our teachers, our schools, classmates and administrators and do our best to help provide a safe space for each and every one of them.

For each of these shirts sold, I will use those funds to donate a "remember your why" shirt to the Administrators at DNH Schools to be gifted to a staff member or teacher within the schools.

We know each and every one of you is much deserving of all of the recognition in the world.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you constantly as you navigate these challenging times and perform one of the very most important jobs in the world.

We continue to send prayers to everyone in Perry, Grundy Center and across the country as they work through their respective recent tragedies.