Creme Brulee Candle

  • $10.00

Caramelized sugar + rich creamy notes make this a must have for filling the entire house!

Sugar cane, a giant grass, thrives in a warm, moist climate, storing sugar in its stalk. The sugar beet grows best in a temperate climate and stores its sugar in its white root. Sugar from both sources is produced by nature as a means of storing the sun’s energy. Farmers have seen tremendous growth in the sugar market in recent years by adopting new technologies and using improved crop varieties. Using technology to harvest sugarcane, farmers are able to load the cane onto trucks more efficiently, improving the product you see in stores! Mechanical harvesting doesn't require the field to be set on fire as hand picking does; the remains left in the field consist of the top of the sugar cane and the dead leaves, which act as mulch for the next round of planting, making it a very sustainable system.

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