Farm Life Apparel

The Farm Collection has been a long time coming for my little corner of the world.  I believe that American agriculture is truly a wonderous thing.  Whether row crop, livestock, traditional, GMO or organic, the freedom we have with our food choices is such a privilege. 

I've long been a supporter of the "shop local" campaigns, being a farmer & small business owner in a small town in Iowa myself.  But it's been weighing on my mind the stigma this shop local campaign puts on farmers.  My husband and I are a 2 man team on our row crop and commercial hog operation.  We sell thousands of pigs and grain farm acres, but those products don't typically end up local - they are shipped to where they can be distributed to the people who need them most, across the great United States.  We would never be able to market, process and distribute the modest number of products ourselves, and so we rely on the great American infrastructure to help move those ag products to where they can be used.  I would, however, still consider us "local" as farmers who farm, and spend our money locally. 

I'd love for us to start the Support American movement and embrace the beautifully diverse agricultural land we possess in America.  Growing oranges in Iowa?  Not possible - but we can source them from the farmers in Florida!  Growing corn in Oklahoma?  Very difficult because of soil types and lack of moisture - but because of Iowa farmers, they've got enough transported to help feed their livestock!  Shop USA Agriculture - we're a team and together, we can feed the country & the world!   

Thank you to our American Farmers & Ranchers, livestock industry service men and women and everyone involved in agriculture.

I have added items as developed but am always open to new things, message me to see about custom designs!