Buddy Seat Wax Melt

  • $5.00

A rich, buttery coffee cake scent with fragrant spices. Buttery top notes with nuances of cinnamon, nutty powder and vanilla notes

A tractor is the signature implement in a farmer's arsenal.  It's the source of power for the other tools in a farmer's arsenal. It pulls the plows, powers the planters and guides the tillage equipment. It shovels the snow and pulls cars out of drifts. About the only thing it doesn't do in the modern production cycle is harvest the crops (we leave that to the combine). New technologies have made great strides in efficient field work, reducing damaged grains and compaction of soil as we monitor the best care for our land.

As tractors have gotten bigger and the market has shrunk, some of the old features are replaced with new features but one thing remains the same—the buddy seat.

Whether you’re a farm mom keeping kids in the tractor with you, a grandpa showing your off-the-farm grandkids how the farm works or a farmer with an agronomist riding along for the day, the buddy seat symbolizes a spot for companionship, a place to set your lunch and room for your farm family to grow.