American Cowboy Candle

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Vanilla Leather - Vanilla mixed with genuine Leather!  Trust me on this one, its ah-ma-zing

Rodeo uniquely emerged from the daily routine and tasks performed by ranch hands.  Some say that rodeo was born in 1869 when two groups of cowboys met in Colorado to settle an argument over who was the best at performing cowboy tasks, including breaking wild horses to ride for ranch work – a common cowboy task that evolved into rodeo’s saddle bronc riding event.  That informal gathering is considered by many to be the beginning of a true American sport, based on the needs and customs of those who settled the great American West.  Breaking horses was just one part of a cowboy’s job. Capturing calves and full-grown cattle for branding, medical attention and sale required finely honed roping and riding skills.
During times of hardship, brutal weather and regardless of the markets, ranches and cowboys value the safety and health of their animals above everything else.  Their animals are the priority and feeding, watering and bedding down cattle and horses long before the rest of the family gets to head to hotel is routine.  As rodeos evolved, one thing remains the same, the traditional ideals of sportsmanship, showmanship and mentor ship are still valued above all else.