Showbarn Candle

  • $10.00

When we go to hog shows, we use Sparkle Show Day Shine on our pigs and always have someone following us ask what that amazing smell is!  Great news - you can now get it in a candle or wax melt!!  It's a light, fruity cucumber & melon blend with some fizzy quality and you'll want to have it in every room! 

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If you’re lucky, your best memories growing up were made in the barn. And if you’re really lucky, your best adult memories are made in the barn with your children. The showbarn represents countless hours of hard work and an education that cannot be obtained in a classroom. Successful stock show kids spend their time in the barn, feeding, exercising and grooming—in the heat, the cold, the driving rain or blowing snow. Because that showbarn breaths character into those who love it. The laughter, tears, sweat and dreams will echo for years to come. These moments shape our   children for their futures and leave parents with an unmeasurable degree of pride, love, and just a bit of stress.