Stockman's Inn Candle

  • $15.00

Fresh notes of lime, coconut and lemon peel make for the perfect margarita scent.

 “I’ll meet ya at Stockman’s” is the call heard ’round the livestock barns at the Iowa State Fair.  Livestock families are centered in tradition and heading over to Stockman’s Inn has been a favorite meeting place for families to catch up with friends, listen to music and enjoy delicious meals for the last 50 years.  Opened in 1969 the establishment began selling quality sandwiches, pop and beer out of the original Carcass Display building.  Owned by the Lyle Kreps family since 1972, the building has gone several renovations, but has remained true to it’s agricultural roots, boasting pictures and banners of the many State Fair Champions they’ve supported as well as visits from governors, presidential candidates and always, their loyal barn family.  For more information visit