Coconut Bourbon Candle

  • $15.00

Rich notes of bourbon with a light top note of coconut.  If you like a blend of sweet and dry scents, this one is for you!  It's got a slightly warm scent but still on the woodsy end of scents.  The coconut adds a subtle tone to the candle, definitely not overwhelming.  This one was a favorite when I did sampling this winter!

Bourbon is distilled from a fermented mash of grain, yeast and water. The “mash bill” must have a minimum of 51% corn. For most bourbons, the average is about 70%. Other grains such as rye, malted barley and wheat are considered the “flavor” grain. .Iowa’s farmers use a variety of conservation practices to ensure the best use of soil and water resources to reduce nutrients in water and ensure their long-term ability to farm corn. Practices like cover crops, no-till, nutrient management, drainage tiling and buffer strips are all ways corn and grain farmers work to improve their farms, leaving the ground better than they started for future generations.   For more information visit to learn about how Iowa leads the nation in several agricultural goods production, not only feeding the U.S. but also the world!