How can I get one of your candles?

There are a couple of different options for purchasing a candle:

1. Order right here, on this website just by clicking "add to cart" and checking out.

2. Follow me on Facebook and send me a message on there with an order.  I will send you a Paypal or Venmo invoice.  I do require payment at the time of the order.

3. E-mail me thefarmstore@hotmail.com) for an order form and return to me by whatever means is easiest for you i.e. mailing, e-mailing, or in person.  Because my candles are handmade to order, I do require payment at time of order.

4. My sister is my "outlet" in the South! Visit her feed shed "Winter Livestock" outside of El Reno, Oklahoma to see what she has in stock and pick up some Sunglo Feed at the same time.  If you're interested in this option, contact me and I'll get you more information!

**If you are local to me (I live in Dike, Iowa so local would be within 20 miles of that), I would be happy to meet you somewhere to deliver your candles, saving you on shipping costs.**

How do you handle shipping costs?

If you are local to me (within 20 miles from Dike, Iowa) I will gladly meet you somewhere with your purchase to save shipping costs!  I also very frequently travel to El Reno, Oklahoma and Southwest Iowa to visit family and would be happy to deliver to those locations.  The same can be said for most pig sales, shows, events in Iowa!  Contact me for details and a schedule and I will try to list those options on Facebook as well.  I do run free shipping specials occasionally so be on the look out for those.  Shipping generally runs anywhere from $7-$15 depending on how many candles you order and their weight and is calculated at checkout!

Do you have any specials or discounts?

I will post specials or discounts at the top of this page as well as on my Facebook and Instagram pages.  Simply follow along to be the first to hear.  I will also be creating an e-mail list and if you'd like to be added to that, please send me a message at thefarmstore@hotmail.com 

Will you add more scents to your collection?

As the seasons change, I will continue to add candle scents.  Some of the holiday scents may be available for a limited time only.  I will be sure to advertise when I am closing a scent out for the season so be sure to check the Facebook, Instagram or e-mail posts.

I'm done burning my candle, now what do I do with the container?

Customers can return any undamaged containers to me when you are done burning and I will refill them for a small fee.  16 ounce canisters can be re-filled for $5 and the larger vases are $10 to refill. I clean the containers up until they are like new and re-use them to make more candles, cutting down substantially on waste.

My wooden wick has a substantial amount of burned or black at the top. Is that normal?

If you check out or "Candle Maintenance" page, you will see I highly recommend trimming your wooden wick down to just above the wax line before each re-lighting.  This eliminates any ash falling into your candle.  The ash falling won't hurt the candle or scent at all, it just will not look as attractive.

Do you ever personalize candles or labels?

I would be happy to personalize a candle or label for customers as gifts. 

How long will your candles burn?

The recommended burn time for ALL candles (not just mine) is 4 hours at a time.  Obviously, most people will burn candles for much longer periods as you are around the house.  My 16 ounce candles will burn for approximately 60 hours, if the wick is maintained correctly.  My 8 ounce candle will burn for approximately 35 hours, again, if wick is maintained correctly.  The medium dough bowl will burn for about 40 hours and the large for about 80 hours.  Please see the "Candle Maintenance" page for more details.

What is your typical turnaround time?

For candles I have in-stock, order will be shipped within two days.  If a candle is not in-stock, turn around time will be approximately 5-6 days as I make the candle and let it cure on it's way to you!  If you're needing a gift in a hurry, please contact me and we will do our best to meet your need!