Friday Night Lights Candle

  • $15.00

Top notes of cinnamon powder with mid notes of clove buds and sugared vanilla.  A less spicy version of our Harvest Time candle - very warm and cozy!

It’s crisp air, the anticipation of a long summer’s crop ripening, cool breezes replacing summer heat.  It’s long days in the field, cheering crowds in a football stadium and small town living at its’ finest.  It’s crisp and fresh and a welcome change to the season.

For farmers, harvest time is the culmination of almost a years’ worth of planning and work.  They spend the summer watching their crops grow, treating them for issues and researching the best markets for their product.  Harvest time is when they finally see months of hard work form into a beautiful crop and reap the       rewards of what they’ve sown.

For rural communities, fall welcomes a new school year and a fresh start to sports teams.  They draw the community together to support our youth.  Likewise, combine lights in the fields on a Friday night bring farmers together as a community, sharing yields, helping an ailing neighbor bring their crop in and       harvesting a years worth of work.  Whether your Friday Night Lights are on a football field or a crop field, enjoy the warmth of the season.